Short Interesting Clips Hosted Local
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Wetlands ride
before  sunrise
Chase to Clayton 
Length 01:53.
Busy Sunday Abington suspension bridge 
Boy/girl double-take
A girl and a snake
Bicycle for Three!
Brownfield Rd Hill
see mouseover tip

Battle Bridge Road
Proud of 17 MPH!
age 11
40 sec... sample of how many kids on bikes Jul-4 weekend
you... just wish?.
Proof of Happy
Riverview, long! bridge
bgrdmusic Crabtree Crk chase; Anderson Dr to Lassiter Mill Rd.
Her sister chases grampa

  1. Boardwalk from Hell
    Downstream, 103 seconds
  2. Rollerblade Momma (40 sec)
  3. Greenway Traffic Jam
    (Holiday Weekend)
  4. Compare difference between:
    Helmet camera Mount
    Handlebar Camera Mount


My Sandbox
for testing

  1. Accidental Star Sally
  2. Abington-Suspension-Bridge-NB-71-sec
  3. AndersonDr-to-Lassitter Mill Rd
  4. NeuseRiverTrail Bridge@Buffalo Rd Park
  5.  Over, then under Suspension bridge, then hear the crickets singing all the way
  6. Pony Tail Bounce smartphone
  7. Reversed, ride toward camera
    a. Little Sis age 10
    b. Big Sis age 11
    c. Cousin Noah 11

  8. Aug 31 busy s-curves
    and hear the locusts
    (* or click here for Smartphone)
  9. Apr020-
    A deer and the girls(wow)

  10. Horseshoe-Bend-Deer-flees
  11. Deer Stomp
  12. Dog pulling Wheel Chair
  13. close encounter (deer)
  14. Blue Heron hunting

  15. Jacob's launch ceremony

  16. Busy Bridge, oncoming bikes:
    Bicycle Mob (30 seconds)

  17. Walnut Creek Trail, lighted tunnel
  18. Walnut Creek Trail with
    lo-o-ong boardwalk
  19. Trial by Terrain Busy Holliday(1/3 mile hills and curves)
  20. Bridge 106 flood damage
  21. (Rollerblade Momma)
  22. Cows! Greenway surprise
  1. Confess.. it's the boy
  2. Horses on Crabtree trail
  3. Greenway Police Patrol
  4. Drift Scooter (Crabtree)
  5. RoadSkater !
  6. Whee-ee-e! hill
  7. Sweetpea & mouse
  8. Whee! Hill oncoming traffic risk
  9. RiverRidge 2 fast riders YouTube
  10. Electric Fence Power
  11. Beetle's Puppetmaster