Beetle hard at work cleaning up Nature's debris.
What is it thinking?  Can insects think?

Nature's Cleanup Crew: Beetle excavating rotting tree stump. Watch how 'smart' it is. from Carl on Vimeo.

I watched for about a minute... the beetle pinching off pieces of wood before I realized that I should be recording it. In order for a (robot) beetle to "know" what to do, and how to do it ...with no supervisor, it makes me wonder how "evolution" made it work so 'smart'. Clearly the beetle has an agenda, and it "knows" where, and how, ...else it is a puppet that is being manipulated by invisible strings...

Besides all that, this work normally is performed in the dark, in dirt, 24 hours a day with no lunch breaks, or whatever. They never earn any vacation. Obviously they need a labor union.

Many months later, and lots of discussions with others who have observed this miracle, the common conclusion is that the bug never makes mistakes, and it always knows where the hole is, or whatever is the purpose for moving "stuff". It has to be conscious! ...or at least consciousness is guiding it like a puppet. All that has to be true even when it is in total darkness. Since it has no brain, it has no "visual perception" that we understand as sight. Yet it is "aware" of where it is going without being able to "see" destination.

Can you imagine what our living environment would be without natures cleanup crews? Deceased life forms from trees to flesh without a disposal process would be problematic to our existence. Even roaches are part of the cleanup crews with various specialties.

The common conclusion within our culture... is that we dare not describe "the controller" since the only evidence we see is "results". Hmmm.... we don't see things like "gravity" either, but we see results. How about things like "your mind" or "consciousness"? Ego? All we see is results. Should I consider things like emotions? Are they real science? If not science, then what? ...

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