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 Adventure to Clayton (Neuse River trail Mile 23 3/4 to Mile 30 1/2, and back )                      | The Beetle
Accidental Star (Sally)

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Luckiest shot of my life!
(Seldom does one see the top
side of a Great Blue Heron!)

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How did it happen?
  1. Capital Area Greenway Trail System
  2. Raleigh Park & Greenway Repairs
  3. Trail Map (Pdf) or call 919-996-3285.

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Crabtree Creek
best-of Crabtree Creek
Neuse River Mile   1-8 8
Neuse River Mile 8-30 12
Shelly Lake loop & trails
Walnut Creek 14
Clayton adventure 12
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Neuse River here hidden by all the growth
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