Mile post-0 North to South progression from Falls Lake dam
goto Horseshoe Bend (mile post-6),
then Hedingham Access (mile post13.5),
on to Anderson Point Park (mile post-17),
up to Brownfield Road (white fences farm country,(mile post-22),
...and on to Wake County Line  at (mile post-27.5).

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Upper Neuse River Greenway Trail

1  Horseshoe Bend connector (completed 2015, 0.8 miles)
2 Lower Neuse-1 (Horseshoe Bend Park to Hedingham)
2 Lower Neuse-2  Anderson Point Park upstream to Hedingham (4 miles)
3 Lower Neuse-3 Brownfield Rd to Anderson Pt Park(6,5 fun miles)
4 Lower Neuse-4Southern Neuse to County line.jpg and beyond (Clayton) 17 min
4 nice Crabtree Early Spring Fun ride, 3 miles, 17 minutes (ride downstream)