Cycling downstream from Brownfield Rd to Clayton (Full HD 1080p movie is not Smartphone friendly)

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Clip covers MM 25 3/4  To the Wake / Jonston count lines and a little past. It is not all that busy. 

Note: The rider I am following still has not discovered that I am following, and I am pretty close to spent. Whew! ( This clip is 6 minutes, and covers 1 3/4 miles.)  We are still tracking along the Neuse river, but it is seldom in view because of the trees and thicket.

The next clip, will continue past Clayton ( trip ends -  MM 31.5).
   Interesting fact: Rider that I am following at 18 MPH does not know I am chasing... I'm just barely hanging on. (He will discover me at about the MM 28 1/2... and pick up the pace.  Where we 'connected' was when he passed me at about Mile 23.5 going up a long, long hill. I eventually caught up to him at Mile 26. That was not easy! He's riding a light weigh. skinny tire speedster.  I'm riding a 26" cruiser, fat comfort tire, and 12 pounds of trunk and tools, etc. (not to mention 8 grandkids)


Clayton downstreame 5 of 5, Capital Area Greenway Trail System from Carl Roberts on Vimeo.