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Neuse River here
hidden by all the growth

Luckiest shot of my life!
(Seldom does one see the top
side of a Great Blue Heron!)

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How did it happen?
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Home "Fitness Gym"  scenery

Early Spring 26 minutes
Tailrace to rest area, 11 minutes
Very busy 11 minutes
Elipti-GO Stepper Bike (Awesome)
     Shelly Lake 4 nice clips
But, if I had to show just one clip(15 min)Capital blvd to Falls Lake tailrace
Bonus:Sep-29, 2017

Upper Neuse (Falls Lake to Horseshoe Bend 6.6 mi.)
Connector, Horseshoe Bend (1,6 miles)

Lower Neuse River Greenway (Mile 8 to Mile 30)    
      Ride to Clayton in Next county  | Picnic-table!
      River Ridge Golf (music) long boardwalk bridge
        Anderson Pt. Park; Neuse River, ride upstream
        to Suspension Bridge @ Abington Ln parking (4 miles)

Crabtree Creek Greenway Trail (context map)
    Sunrise, Wetlands from boardwalk(90 sec.)
         Crabtree Trail, Awesome Wetlands boardwalk, ...

         Crabtree Creek Ext.(downstream)3.5 mi. to Neuse river
    Boardwalk From Hell 0.3 mi nice view down to creek!

Shelly Lake Loop (Ironwood and Mine Creek trails)
Walnut Creek Trail   (has much boardwalk),
    (from Neuse River trail to Sunnybrook Rd (4 mi.)
 Fun! Rider chases camera: (Sep 30)  Her Sister (April 14)
 ! Beetle has a Puppet-Master (page down to read story)
Tailrace Shad (Throw-net) 50 sec.


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Nice! Official Walnut Creek page


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Neuse River
Context Map