Neuse River
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  Short clips  
1 Boardwalk from Hell 103 sec sec
2 Trial by Terrain! 2 min
3 Neuse River Snaky Trail, fast 70 sec
4 Neuse River Trail Bridge 70 sec
5 1st time I was passed here! ever 2 min
6 One on the back not pedaling 47 sec
7 Sunrise Wetlands from boardwalk 2 min
8 Tailrace shad 90 sec
9 Rollerblade Momma (vimeo) 40 sec
10 Awesome Crabtree Wetlands 02:51
11 RiverRidge long bridge
 2 fast riders, Pipeline,Ventures
My Favorites  
  Rollerblade Road Skater (wow) !!
Neuse River here
hidden by all the growth
Click to see this background image
in the movie clip at 90 sec.

Home "Fitness Gym"  scenery

Early Spring 26 minutes
Tailrace to rest area, 11 minutes
Very busy 11 minutes
Horseshoe Bend connector
     Shelly Lake 4 nice clips
But, if I had to show just one clip(15 min)Capital blvd to Falls Lake tailrace

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Major Trails, Wake Co. miles

Crabtree Creek

Neuse River Miles 1-8 30
Neuse River Miles 8-30  
Shelly Lake loop & trails
Walnut Creek 14
Capital Corridor Map
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