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   I forgot to turn off camera... I got a bonus!
Sep-29, 2017, (Sally's clips)
I didn't know rider; and I have never seen her since.
Fitness Gym Scenery!

Early Spring 26 minutes
Tailrace to rest area, 11 min
Very busy 11 minutes
Horseshoe Bend connector
Shelly Lake (15 min):
Capital blvd to Falls Lake tailrace
Busy April Sunday to mile 4-3/4, 18 min.
Major Trails Wake Co. miles
Crabtree Creek
best-of Crabtree Creek
Neuse River Mile   1-8 8
Neuse River Mile 8-30 12
Shelly Lake loop & trails 8
Walnut Creek 14
Clayton adventure 12

Official Neuse River page
Official Walnut Creek page
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Movies all full HD, big screen majestic, some with music track added.

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Around 40 cows and calves, music & also sub-titles.
(It's about the greenway, not cows)