May 28, Spring Time trip to Clayton in Johnston County                                                                                                              Contact me
Downstream cycling Wake County Neuse River Trail
    MM 0 at the dam to MM 27.5 (Johnston County)
  1. Ascending winding hill to Brownfield Road (MM 23-3/4)
  2. Brownfield Rd Farm country to MM 25-1/2
  3. The Chase Speedy descent, busy winding trail to MM 26
  4. Cointinue chase to past County Line (MM 27-1/2)
  5. The rest of the trip (Flip to return at MM 30.-1/2)
    1. Edited (to do: shorten #5)
    2. interesting clip
The evolution of this trip's story...
My first "exploration" trip was last fall, and with a different camera. The timing was poor for goog lighting.  Leaves and thicket were sparse and 'end of season' color (not nice).

When I completed other trail locations with the pleasing "Spring-time light", this trip was was an after thought.

Brownfield Road is my normal turn around and return to my truck,  The long winding hill (0.3 miles)has always been the most stressful part of the trip, but I had it worked out where I normally  am one of the better riders surviving the hill without rest.

When a strong rider on lightweight bike passed me before I was half way up, I was more than just surprised.  I had not noticed him coming. A couple of minutes later, when I saw he was not "all that far ahead", I thought I would test myself while riding my steel bicycle from Target and bag with 12 pounds of tools, parts, first aid, and toilet paper weighing a total of 54 pounds..  The camera's wide angle lens distorts distance. It is1/2 of what it seems.
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